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Beware of Peter Pan

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 7, 2015, 9:48 PM
He is a dick. He made us wait forever on his short ride. :| That's actually the only negative about Hollie and I's trip to Disney. We're in the hotel right now miserable and tired from walking. We had fun though! I'll explain a little bit more after I write out the good stuff!

I feel it's the only notable thing I can talk about. Cause after this is just chill and hanging. I picked her up at the airport and I thought I was going to cry but it felt so.. familiar I guess? As if we were just friends who haven't seen each other in a while. She's so pretty in person. And yeah unfortunately she left dA and I can't say if she'll be back or not. :heart:

Let's talk about that Disney trip though.

I don't wanna bore you but lemme just say.. EVERY RIDE WE WENT ON.. HAD TO STOP. Even rides before we got on had to temporarily stop. Like, yeah this happened to us (Courtney and I's trip) on the Haunted Mansion ride but that stopped right before we got on both times.

It was so fun though. Hollie's never been to Disney WORLD. Just the one in California. That's Disney LAND.

And since it's December they have the pretty lights up. :love: And Cinderella's castle is all pretty. I love it. Hollie loved it. I didn't get a lot of photos cause we wanted the experience, not so much the sight seeing. Well we got both but it's not really recorded in photos. I did get some though. Mostly of us being miserable waiting in the lines. :lol:

She's never been on Splash Mountain and that was our first go to. After of course buying matching Stitch hoodies! ;) So comfy and worth it cause the water was freezing. And the ride was stopped temporarily too.  We sat IN THE FRONT OF THE LOG. AAAHHHHHHHH. WATER. Smells so weird. We look cute in our Stitch hoodies though. JUST SAYIN'.

It warmed up a little. But then when the sun was setting and nearly blinding us for going in the direction its setting.. started to cool off! Nice and chilly. And Hollie came from snow. No snow here. But it was chilly. I was kind of cold. Mainly sweaty cause I'm thick.  :stare: Hollie has a NAUGHTY MOUTH. Kept swearing. I tried to be good. BAD. BAAAAAAAD. Anyway blah blah blah.

Kay so we went on Pirates of the Caribbean twice. It was stopped once and the second time the boats just bumped into each other so not really broken down or anything. We also hit Small World, Winnie the Pooh, Haunted Mansion twice, Ariel's ride, Peter Pan..... LEMME JUST SAY. This is the part I'm talking about. Kay so like, the highest wait time that I checked on the app was 105 minutes. We get there like oh cool, a 40 minute wait. Pardon me but we had a line delay. We were in line for like over an hour. Which I don't understand. When I went with Courtney it was like a 70 minute wait, too. It's not even a long ride? It's cute but I don't think it's worth that long of a wait. :confused: Peter, why? You're a jerk.

The wait times were probably the most ridiculous thing but we did hit Pirates twice cause it was like a 1 minute wait due to walking and Ariel's ride too. :o And then the Haunted Mansion. :D It was nice.. I liked it. I think Hollie liked it.

We also saw the Stitch's Escape show thing and it was.. kind of painful? Like, Stitch burps on you and the smell is horrible and the safety bars that hold you in place (dunno why) like.. come down automatically and hit your shoulders hard.. And then at one point Stitch jumps up and down on them. Kind of like the Bug's Life show at Animal Kingdom where the bugs run thru your seat or something hitting you in the back. Kind of painful. Rude.

Last thing we did while we were leaving got matching necklaces! They're really cute. :meow: September birth stone cause we're twins. :paranoid: Feels like it anyway. We also saw a bit of the fireworks and the Electric Parade.

Oh, one more thing.... I wanted to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but the Peter Pan ride ruined our fast pass opportunity. The last one was Thunder Mountain and it was CLOSED DUE TO MAINTENANCE. HOLLIE AND I ARE AWFUL. EVERY RIDE. ON OR BEFORE GETTING ON. DOWN. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

In the hotel right now. So expensive. My bank account is crying. No worries though, our adventures aren't over yet! I'm treating her to Valentino's Pizza on Thursday and shopping tomorrow! Now to just chill and sleep. Love you all.

There we are! Think this was Small World waiting queue.

Ugh, I forgot to bring a pair of underwear so I'm sad. :rofl:

<3 Marie xx


About my OCs! :bulletpurple:

Rikki Marie - Digital Artist

My name is Rikki or Marie or call me Mimi! I live in Florida and am addicted to Icees. Icee Emote by Fuzzi-Wuzzi

I love my OCs and it'd be cool if you started drawing them, just saying.

I've been on deviantArt since February 11th 2006.

My Tools are a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Paint Tool SAI


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