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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 12:05 PM


God I'm so freaking miserable right now if I have to be honest with you guys, but I won't go into any detail cause it's the same fucking shit as always the last 9 months now.. :( Feels like 2011 again.. ^^; Bad.. bad year. Which pretty much explains why commissions are so out of order and delayed but I promise I'm working on them. Also yeah, the waffles are bad. I'm in love with Leggo's chocolate chip waffles but they were sold out.. so my Ma buys store brand and they're so gross. "Better than nothing" noooo nothing is better than these, they're nasty. I'm uptight about my food snacks. :stare: Like, extreme. Love waffles, damn it.

I wonder if I can say anything positive for this journal cause I'm bored and tired. LET US THINK. HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...


:bulletpink: My friend Frodis-Caper is turning 19 soon!! Like, a week from today! I made her a gift but I haven't money to buy something proper. I do have one thing though. Maybe I'll get a family member to loan me some money to buy her a thing. ;p :cake: Also she bought me a really cute nebula in a bottle necklace from birdsoup's etsy! It's purple and pretty and I want EVERY COLOR NOW. I need to chill.

:bulletblue: Yah, then the next day my little sister is turning 7 so I think I'm going to her birthday party next weekend. :o Then 5 days later the birth giver has a birthday as well. :hmm:

:bulletgreen: Yah like, Courtney was planning on coming here in a few weeks but had to cancel but now she's coming to visit in November. :meow: I hope all 3 of us can go to Disney World or something.

:bulletpurple: My birthday is coming up in September along with Hollie's so we're trying to fly Hollie out to Florida later in the month. Like, celebrate Halloween early and other fun things! We wanna head to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. She's gonna cry cause they jump at you and it'll be fun. Plus I'm gonna take friend selfies and she's gonna stab me a few times haah friend things. :heart: Soooo last week of September through a bit of October. Maybe 2 weeks? I don't know.

:bulletpink: It's not really important but my Ma says she's gonna try and get me to do driving stuff cause Sarah got her license and she's so inspired to get me to start driving her around. The only practice I got from driving was from sitting in the passenger seat and steering. I really doubt I'll be doing driving tests and getting my permit anytime soon. I much rather see a doctor for my mental health and a dentist to finish the remaining work I need on my teeth. SUMMON ALL THE DOCTORS. I'm not afraid to drive but I'm afraid of my mental health getting too far out of reach and if I'm driving I'll probably score 20 points per pedestrian. (ILLEGAL!!!!!!!)

:bulletyellow: If we can get me to see people for my health related issues I'mma try and get back into school cause no one will hire me without a diploma anyway. I've applied for so many jobs.. No luck. I didn't even get an interview from a job Lisa turned down. She told them my name and said they'd interview me but I haven't heard back so whatever. :stare: It's funny though filling out the application was so bizarre. It was just out there, man. Funny, too.

:bulletpurple: Then November after on is Nick's birthday and then Christmas blah blah blah.. We had hope that Nick would visit in January next year but with my current state of mind I have no faith in that. :( Or money.

Guuuhh I hate this. :faint: I hope my friends can visit meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm kinda lonely. Sarah visits me when she can but she has a job and other friends, too. :P

I need to update my commission paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage on my weeeebsiiiiiiiiiiiteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 Marie x x


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Icee Queen Wave by MimiMarieT

HELLOOOOO, I go by Marie most of the time so call me Marie! Or Mimi or M or Max or Rikki or Icee Queen, etc.. :lol:

:heart: My Official Personal Website :heart:

Do you see my ID?

:bulletpink:That was one of the best nights of my life. On June 28th, 2013, I met Ke$ha in person and have shared my cartoon work with her. This was at Tampa for the Pitbull & Ke$ha tour. Then, on July 9th, Ke$ha followed me on twitter! I'm a huge Ke$ha fan.


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