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Feel free to follow and add me on any sites. :D I don't mind.

I also have this.. my Amazon Wishlist if you wanna buy me junk.

Bad Newz + Good Newz + Commissions?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2015, 6:44 PM


Okay so, my boyfriend's laptop died and he hasn't any funds to buy a new one. :nuu: And he owes me art and nudes so I'm thinking of opening up commissions if you don't mind a wee wait. Who would be interested? Just leave a comment! My job kind of slows my artwork progress down. I'm so sorry about that. ^^; Have weird hours this week. :O_o:

Other not-so-bad news is.. my shoes are absolutely HORRIBLE. I can't feel my big toes. They're so numb. Its day 3 of this. :dead: I need to go shoe shopping. I'm not off til Monday.

That and I'm terrible with learning about my register at work. :rofl: I'll learn. It's only been officially a week doing register. :giggle:

Good News?

I got my first paycheck. :D What to buy, what to buy.. :plotting:

Also finally saw a doctor and got refills on my medication. I got my blood work done BUT.. The nurse who took my blood. She TORE the needle out of my arm. Usually it's just a gentle tug and done but I was actually bleeding a lot when I got home (and passed back out), like.. Argh.. At least it's not like my foot pain. Which is awful. I stand 6+ hours at work. I do cashier, cleaning, grill work, mopping, propane exchanges.. Lots of work. No breaks. Free Icees though. :#1: Which I need to chill out on because it's not good for my health. ^^;

I get to sleep in tonight. Don't have to be in til 3pm. But yes.. Comment if you wanna think about a commission from me. :D I have to pay someone real quick.. I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT I GOT THOUGH.. 

My children!!!

:faint: Next paycheck I'll probably commission another deviant (you'll find out who soon enough!) and put some money towards TheFightingMongooses laptop. SEEING AS I'M THE ONE WITH A JOB NOW. You slut. :( Just kidding, I love him.. :heart:

<3 Marie x x


About my OCs! :bulletpurple:

:heart: :iconmimimariet::iconthefightingmongooses: :heart:

Jan 3rd, 2012

Rikki Marie - Digital Artist

My name is Rikki or Marie or call me Mimi! I live in Florida and am addicted to Icees. Icee Emote by Fuzzi-Wuzzi

I love cats, playing League of Legends, and drawing. I'm also in love with my OCs.

I've been on deviantArt since February 11th 2006.

My Tools are a Wacom Intous Tablet and Paint Tool SAI


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