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My small childrens.
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Nick and I's visit~ Boop

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2017, 3:21 PM

So tonight's really the last night TheFightingMongooses and I are together before we're kicked out the hotel and his flight home around 6pm. :o

Should I tell y'alls what we've done?


OKAY So this ones a short day but it was the most frustrating day cause it was when we were destined to meet. At the airport. But we didn't. We get to the airport right in time for him to come off the plane and he decides to leave. We've spent nearly 2 hours at the airport trying to find this mysterious Scot and he's already GONE. So I'm actually freaking mad at him and he doesn't have Skype or data on his phone. I'm thinking great.. Elaborate way to stand me up right?

I get a phone call from the hotel and he's already spent $50 to taxi over there. SO I YELLED AT HIM ON THE PHONE. :lol: Freaking idiot you had a FREE RIDE.

Takes us around 30 minutes to get to our hotel and my mom drops me off and I see him in the lobby thru the windows and I wave and my mom's like "he has long hair. Alright bye." and the first thing I do is hug him and yell at him. Then we awkwardly check in while I'm staring at him cause WHY'D YOU DO THAT? YOU HAD A FREE RIDE.

And it's late at this point so I'm like.. You wanna go to Wendys?? And we had a ROMANTIC DINNER in our hotel room cause the hotel and Wendy's are right next to each other.. again. :meow: I didn't do it on purpose this time either.


We went shopping this day. :o Can't say what we really did uh.. We just went to the big mall here in Orlando and he bought shorts and some socks. We also got matching T-Shirts that we wore to Universal the next day. Uhhh I don't remember much after, I think we had Burger King and we got rained on.. Myep.


We went to Universal Studios~ BY THE WAY he takes forever to get ready. We get there and during the whole time 5 people pointed out our t-shirts. First part of the park we seemed to visit was the Simpsons section. We didn't ride too many rides cause he's motion-sick for SOME LAME REASON but we did ride some.. Uh.. Universal is really small in reality. We went to a few gift shops and checked things out, saw some characters posing for photos, saw Marilyn Monroe dancing.. We went to a lot of gift shops actually. We looked around everywhere we could and he bought me a cute Egyptian kitten from the Revenge of the Mummy's giftshop WHICH HE WOULDN'T LET ME RIDE ALONE but whatever.. had some Icees too.. and back to Simpsons.. He spent $200 on Simpsons merch. :| I mean it's cool stuff.


SIIIIGH our plans got fucking canceled! We were gonna head out to my home town and have Valentino's and go to the Space Center with my mom but she got called into work and "needed the money". It was a lazy day for us.. We settled for Dominos.. Bleh.. I think we drew a little on my tablet. Couldn't get a lot of art done. The setup here is weird to me. BUT HE DREW SOMETHING. He'll probably keep it private or I'll post to my dumblr.


We went to Disney World~! We waited in line for an hour cause it took Nick 2 hours to get ready. :D I didn't buy the tickets online cause I was hoping to do a 2 day park thing but Nick said to save my money. Oh well Magic Kingdoms better. Anyway it was fucking jam packed and we got there at LUNCH TIME.. It was a nightmare getting food and there were tons of children. Y'ALL I DON'T UNDERSTAND, YOU BRING YOUR NEWBORNS TO THE PARK.. THEY AIN'T GONNA REMEMBER, SALLY.

Despite being busy it was fun. We didn't ride too many rides but we got the fast passes for the important ones. :meow: First ride we did was tea-cups and Nick was like "don't make it too fast, I'm motion sick and weak" and he was in control of the speed and he made it really fast so WHATEVER. Uhhhh we did a few.. saw the gift shops.. He's like "oh I could buy this, I could buy that, let's come back I want this." And he's really fascinated with Donald Duck.

We saw 2 ducks at the crosswalk for TomorrowLand and Main Street and he tried to make friends with the ducks. :o Can tell ya it didn't work but the area had a small food section so the ducks landed with the people eating, it was funny. Though some woman tried to kick one away. :O_o:

Aaaaahhhhhh ummmmmmm rides shops etc etc~! Last thing was SPLASH MOUNTAIN and it was great. They were doing the fireworks show so as we got to the highest drop we saw the pretty lights and then screamed all the way down. :lmao: We didn't get too wet on the ride though, we rode the 3rd back seat. But it was fun. I like rides.

GIFT SHOPS AHOY he bought me a giant Stitch plush.. and after Pirates Of the Caribbean he went to buy me this gorgeous necklace. It's a mouse locket with a key attached and has Swarovskis on it. Also a Haunted Mansion T-Shirt (WHICH I NEVER KNEW THEY HAD A HAUNTED MANSION GIFT SHOP???? IT'S WELL HIDDEN..??? OF ALL MY YEARS GOING--) and a cute Mickey Mouse hoodie.

We managed to leave as the park was closing too around 11pm.. and we were so dead tired.. took the ferry boat back to the drop off area.. Had to call a lyft.. Most expensive Lyft ride ever.. :lmao: We got home and sorta passed out after things.

Sunday & Monday

Lazy day.. went to the gas station around the corner. Played some scatchOffs.. only won $10. Uhhh.. Lazy day.. Legs were sore.

Monday.. lazy day. We went to Friendly's here in Orlando and then played some mini-golf. He won. :P

Lazy lazy.. Not a lot left now since he's leaving tomorrow and AAAAAAAAAAAHHH I currently don't have a proper ride home may have to Lyft home. :dead:

Sooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.......... I mean.. I was hoping to work on commissions and some OC stuff but I clearly didn't. Will get to work when I return. Probably on my next day off from work. ^^; They want me back at 6am on Wednesday but then I can sleep on Thursday since they want me in at 2pm. :| Like.. okay?

I'll post more photos on my dumblr, the tag is right here so far.



:bulletred: He eats a lot and is fat now.
:bulletpurple: He sleeps very well and soundly in bed.
:bulletblue: He's MY HEIGHT. I'm NOT taller than him and hes not shorter than me.
:bulletpink: He's light enough to lift but after this trip I can't pick him up..  :paranoid:
:bulletred: He has long hair and the woman at the mall said "hello ladies" to us.
:bulletpurple: I can understand him 90% of the time.. dat SCOTTISH ACCENT..
:bulletblue: He's hyper in public just like me.
:bulletpink: American money confuses him!

IF YOU READ ALL THAT, GOODJOB. YOU EARNED A BILLY. :happybounce:  NEXT VACATION I WANNA BRING ANOTHER PERSON HERE.. BUT DUNNO WHEN... and I need to save up.. And... work.. and work work work.. work.. :sing: Okay bye be home soon.. Maybe.

<3 Marie x x


About my OCs! :bulletpurple:

Rikki Marie - Digital Artist

My name is Rikki or Marie or call me Mimi! I live in Florida and am addicted to Icees. Icee Emote by Fuzzi-Wuzzi

I love my OCs and it'd be cool if you started drawing them, just saying.

I've been on deviantArt since February 11th 2006.

My Tools are a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Paint Tool SAI


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